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Name: Ms. Mei He


Intern of the UN Internship Program

Interpreter of the Day, Newcastle University, UK

MA Interpreting, Newcastle University, UK

BA in English, Sichuan University, PRC

professional ranks and titles: 9 years Simultaneous Interpreter   

Residence: Chengdu


Prof. Barry Marshall, Nobel prize winner in Physiology or Medicine 

SI Experience:

Mei is an experienced freelance interpreter based in Chengdu, China. During the past 8-9 years, she has been engaged in many important interpreting occasions, e.g. She provided interpreting service for Pascal Lamy, former Director-General of the World Trade Organization; Madam Maria van der HOEVEN, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency; Mr. Tony Blair, the former PM of UK; Her Excellency, the Honourable Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia; George Osborne, former British Chancellor, Jeffrey David Sachs, senior UN advisor; Margareta Wahlström, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction; and the CEOs of Time Warner, Bayer, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., GE, Hongkong Jockey Club, SINOPEC, Lenovo, etc.


Mei is now actively increasing my presence in simultaneous interpreting (SI) and seeking for cooperation. Conferences that she has been commissioned to cover a wide range of fields, including economics, finance, medicine, architecture, disaster prevention and reduction, politics, environment, energy, culture, beauty products, chemistry, health, education, capacity building, art, aviation, logistics, patenting, etc. With a strong squad of qualified interpreters.

Personal Awards

Interpreter of the Day, Newcastle University, 2012

Best Team for Dubbing, Newcastle University, 2012

Second Prize for the Grand Final of the Cross-strait Interpreting Contest

Second Prize for Chinas Mainland Final of the Cross-strait Interpreting Contest

First Prize for the Regional Final of the Cross-strait Interpreting Contest

Third Prize for the National Final of the First Chinas Interpreting Contest

First Prize for the Regional Final of the First Chinas Interpreting Contest

Service Areas

Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing, Automobile & Aviation

Medical & Biological Science

Politics, Economics, Finance & Investment

Education, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Culture, Tourism, Music, Arts & Media

Energy & Environment

Electronics, Big Data & Telecommunication

Sports, Law, Agriculture, etc.


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Name: Ms. Yolanda Liu


University: China Foreign Affairs University

Major: MTI

Degree: Master



全国翻译专业资格(水平)考试 二级口译( CATTI-2

联合国语言人才认证 一级口译( UNLPP-P1

全国外语翻译证书 二级笔译( NAETI-2

英语专业八级证书 TEM-8

professional ranks and titles: 7 years Simultaneous Interpreter   

Residence: Chengdu

Working Experiences:




 Foreign Affairs Activities of Sichuan Provincial News Office (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Mianyang Municipal Party Committee (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Jiangyou Municipal Party Committee (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee (long-term simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Pujiang Municipal Party Committee (long-term simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)


 Foreign Affairs Activities of Pengzhou Municipal Party Committee (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Foreign Affairs Activities of Dazhou Municipal Party Committee (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (simultaneous interpreting)



 2017 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit of Elite Universities & the Presidents’ Forum



2017 Equity Investment Fair-Road Show of Chinese and Foreign Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Projects


 China Western Biological Medicine Convention



 Investment Promotion for Australian Enterprises by Australia Consul in Chengdu (Simultaneous interpreting)



 The 11th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair (consecutive interpreting)



 The 10th EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair and 2015 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)



 The 13th Western China International Fair (consecutive interpreting)





 Proposal Presentation of Bank of Communications (consecutive interpreting)


2016年中国小微企业数据发布会 (同传)

 2016 China Small and Micro Enterprises Press Conference (simultaneous interpreting)



 2015 Asian-Pacific Real Estate Forum (simultaneous interpreting)



 2015 JP Morgan-Universities in Southwestern China Cross-Field Exchange (simultaneous interpreting)



 The 17th China-Germany Monetary Policy & Financial Security Workshop (consecutive interpreting)





 2017 Field Epidemiology Training Program (simultaneous interpreting)


2016中欧应急管理合作项目总结大会 (交传)

 2016 China -EU Emergency Management Cooperative Program-Summary Conference (consecutive interpreting)


中欧应急管理合作项目——2015年灾难医学自主工作坊 (同传)

 China-EU Emergency Management Cooperative Program-2015 Disaster Medicine Workshop (simultaneous interpreting)






 The 10th Etouce Immigration Investment Elite Exchange (simultaneous interpreting)


 2017 Agtech-Advanced Australia Agriculture Promotion Convention (Simultaneous interpreting)



 2017 China-Pakistan ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative Railway Construction Report (consecutive interpreting)



 Chengdu New Hope Group Dairy Export/Import Project (consecutive interpreting)


 Stanford Research Institute Entrepreneurship Incubation Training Program (simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)



 Sino-Germany Manager Training Program (simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)


2016SWUFE-Blaise大数据调查系统合作开发研讨会 (同传)

 2016 SWUFE-Blaise Big Data Survey System Development Seminar (simultaneous interpreting)



 2015 Sino-Holland Big Data Survey System R&D Forum (simultaneous interpreting)


沃尔沃中欧4S模式交流大会 (同传+交传)

 Volvo China-EU 4S Stores Operation Exchange (simultaneous/consecutive interpreting)



 China-Pakistan Wireless Transmitter Training Program (consecutive interpreting)



 Seminar on Vocational Education for Teachers of Developing Countries by China’s Ministry of Commerce (long-term consecutive interpreting)



 Elevator Renovation Project of the U.S. Consul in Chengdu (consecutive interpreting)


2014中国跨国技术转移大会 (同传)

 China International (Beijing) Technology Transfer Convention 2014 (simultaneous interpreting)


地产项目类:Real  Estate


 Chengdu-Sheffield Sister City Program-Real Estate Forum (consecutive interpreting)

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Daniel  2019-09-09 14:35:37

Hello. I'd like to inquire about the cost of hiring a 23-seater going from the Wudaokou area of Beijing to Sanlitun, about half an hour away.

An example itinerary would be:

10:10 p.m. - Pick up from Wudaokou
10:15-10:45 - Drive to Sanlitun, drop off
2:10 a.m. - Pick up from Sanlitun
2:15 - 2:45 Return to Wudaokou, drop off



Loen  2019-08-31 01:36:44

September 6, Friday one way transfer from Guangzhou- Hongkong. Approximately 10-20 passengers. Send me prices. Thank you


Aurelia  2019-08-28 12:44:20

I want book for 2 person on sep 14'19
from peninsula hotel to PVG airport


Chris  2019-08-22 08:56:11

Hi! I want to book a transportation from Guangzhou South China University of technology south campus to Vienna Hotel in Guangzhou, Shiqi on 25 August morning at 12:30 ; and return from shiqi to The campus at 5. And if possible want to make a monthly reservation


Julia Hansen  2019-08-21 21:48:03

Hello, I’m looking to book two rides with a bus for 22 people.  One is from Nanjing University to the Lukou International Airport September 1st at 4:30am.  The other is from the airport back to the University October 27th at around 12:05 am.  The first trip we would have just a backpack.  The second trip we would also have a carry-on.  Would this be possible to work out?


Harry  2019-08-20 15:19:13

Hi, Please quote me 4hrs mini van for 7pax to visit yellow crane tower- photostop,east lake and guanyin temple then drop at airport.on sep 12,from 8-12 pm. give me your best quote


Chris Beh  2019-08-18 17:58:42

Hi, We need to book transportation for 3 days (full day) for our company business trip from 09-12 October 2019 for 45 persons. We required for  airport transfer Pick-up from airport terminal and transfer to our hotel and we want English speaking drivers available. We also required transportation for private tours also within that 3 days as we need to visit our client company within Shenzhen. Can we get quotation for this service?


Bouvier  2019-08-16 16:41:31

Hello, I would need a bus for 13 people with driver to go from Suzhou to Pudong Airport on Monday September 16th, with departure in the early morning (5h30). Any possibility ? thank you for your help.


Vivien  2019-08-05 21:37:09

Good afternoon, I would like a quote to hire a bus for 26 people on 27 and 28 September for 8 hours, including an English Tour Guide.



Lekwee Lim  2019-07-26 21:28:23

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to organize Benz Viano from  Beijing to Qinhuangdao and back to Beijing on the same day, 13th August. Can you kindly provide a proposal? Thanks.